The point is

Most people with no experience in art – FEAR IT.  The world can be tough on the average joe who is interested in art, but has no “experience” in art at all.  Our teachers, society, art dealers and the like often define art within perimeters of prescribed historical reference and foundation, and in so doing reject the therapeutical concepts of art being viewed as a verb – as a therapeutic outlet for one to explore their creative nature without concern of critical evaluation.  The true definition of art as I see it is a VERB.  Its the level of commitment one takes in exploring their own creativity. It’s the ability to dig deep down, express yourself through a plethora of medium, and have the courage to be confident what you find there is genuine.

In my travels I hope through working with the community I might inspire people to embrace this concept, and the true power of art that transcends pre-determined parameters the ART WORLD so often places on the interested parties who aspire to explore the world of art.  To use a creative platform to unite the common goals of communities across the globe, and subversively create an ART EXPERIENCE in every environment possible.

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