Welcome to Pottsgallery.com

Welcome to Pottsgallery.com

Welcome to Pottsgallery.comWelcome to Pottsgallery.comWelcome to Pottsgallery.com

Galas and Charity Events

Live performances


100's of shows, 1000's of paintings, all across the nation Potts has traveled, and visually complimented a variety of mucisians and shows as they perform for charity's and concerts.

A crisp, precise, energetic finished piece of art for you!


Only Potts can create the energetic and precise work that he does In less than an hour!

Call or email and book Potts for your event today.


Pottsgallery offers a wide variety of ways to work and create a show custom to your audience, your theme, and your budget.


A memory created live at your reception.


Be it a reception, rehearsal dinner, or bacholerette party Potts can create a beautiful rendition of the bride and groom to be.

One of a kind visual experience for your wedding.


Of all the things to compliment your wedding with, a Potts paintingmay will possess the one variable that will withstand the test of time, and be a very memorable experience for your guests.

Book Potts for your wedding today!


View testimonials and experience amazing stories of past client weddings.

Corporate team building seminars

Have Potts create original art relevant to your business.


Together your team and Potts can collaborate on what symbols and flare bear represent the nature and fiber of your business philosophy and objectives.

Group art


Hand pick up to 30 of your top employees to participate in a facilitated personality sorter theory project resulting in group/team based art murals.